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Meet the author - Joanne Zellweger

Why write about a deaf child with a hearing aid and cochlear implant?

Well it's hard to find a book with deaf peer...

Finding a children's book that's fun with a deaf character is not easy. Finding one with a boy who wears a cochlear implant and hearing aid is even harder. Finding one written from a siblings perspective is just too tough. Joanne is also a trained teacher of the deaf.


Recently Joanne Zellweger was asked to contribute, Joanne Zellwegerto BBC's Radio 4 Programme YOU and YOURS.


The issues Joanne raised were in response to a recent article about disability in children's books.Joanne stated that she wanted to ensure that children with a cochlear implant could have a role model and peer to relate to, but also to raise the importance of siblings in families who are deaf and to encourage families to include their feelings too.

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BBC Radio 4 You and Yours March 31st 2008.

Disability in children's books. Author Joanne Zellweger featured.

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