Children's book for cochlear implant & hearing aid user
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Children's book series about a boy who is deaf and uses a cochlear implant & hearing aid

Our children's books feature a deaf character with a cochlear implant and a hearing aid - include easy to understand desciptions of each device. My Brother John and John Gets Ready for School are fun, help with language development and have captivating illustrations. Inspired by John Tracy Clinic's sibling programme in Los Angeles, this book is written from a sibling's perspective and raises some of the issues she faces with having a brother who is deaf and uses a cochlear implant and hearing aid.

My Brother John: Children's Books about Cochlear Implant & Hearing Aid: Mi Hermano Juan

About My Brother John - "Wonderful" - National Deaf Children's Society, "Endearing"- RNID

Read the National Deaf Children's Society review and why the Royal National Institute for the Deaf made My Brother John its "Book of the Month", plus see Faye's review, aged 7. See the illustrated children's book for yourself.This fun, humorous children's book and shows a day's adventure of a brother and sister.It's just been translated into Spanish too Mi Hermano Juan translated with thanks by Mary Beth Goring and Christine Goring Kepner.

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Cochlea & Cochlear implants

What's a cochlear implant?

A cochlear implant may be seen as just another hearing aid, but it works differently by stimulating the hearing nerve to give the sensation of hearing. you can find out more in the second edition of the 24 page children's book and in second book where John gets ready for school. Both of these children's books also help with language development when you read to your child with uncommon adjectives, stretching words, possessive pronouns and lots and lots of discussion opportunities for hearing and deaf children.

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My Brother John:Cochlear Implant & Hearing Aid

John Gets Ready for School

It's time for John to get ready for school.But John keeps getting it wrong! My Brother John readers will remember John and his sister are not saints! They do get into mischief! Caroline's brother is deaf and he wears a hearing aid and cochlear implant. If your child likes to dress-up - they'll will enjoy this.Find out if John gets ready for school in time. And if he remembers to put on his underpants!

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You can now order on line more. School teacher, Teacher of the Deaf or SENCO? Here's one of the My Brother John colouring-in sheets.

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